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The Struggles & Joys of Selling Your Home

Photo of Carrie Clement inside a modern home with her arms crossed, smiling.

Carrie Clement, Associate Realtor for RLA Real Estate Group and Director of Client Relations

Carrie Clement sold her family home and bought a new home in Bloomfield Township over the span of two months, all while continuing to juggle the needs of her clients and helping with their transactions as well. We sat down and asked her about what her home selling/buying experience was like, and for some insight that might help our clients or others going through the same process.

Q: You just sold your home of 15 years and bought a new home, acting as your own agent. You sell other people’s homes every day, but you hadn’t gone through the process personally in a long time. What was the most difficult part of the experience?

The whole process of buying and selling a home can be difficult! Preparing your home to go up for sale, everything that goes on through that process… The hardest part for me when selling my home was the showings. Even though your house is already ‘ready’ for showings, you still have to do all the final preparations when something is scheduled, and then after… you’re wondering ‘What did they think? What did they like about my home, what didn’t they like? Are they going to put in an offer?’… That for me was definitely the most difficult thing, and it made me understand that clients really need and want feedback.. that’s so important. And constructive feedback! Not just likes/dislikes, but a little more information on why they didn’t like it, or what specifically can be done to make the home show in a better light.

Q: What part of this process was surprisingly easy?

Well I think as an agent I know how to prep my own house for sale, and I know how to price it. I went through the process of prepping my home… painting it, staging it, cleaning it. Making sure everything was show ready. And then pricing – you have to go through the comps. You have to compare recent sales and what’s on the market, and price it well. I got a full price offer on my house within 21 days and the buyers wanted to buy most of my furniture, so clearly it showed in a great light. Plus, being a realtor means I got help from the right contacts (painters, stagers, etc.), and our whole team of experts to get the house sold.

Q: You had to drop the price on your house, which is always a difficult conversation to have with clients. Was it hard to make that decision with your own home?

I think for me it was easier… I priced it a little higher than I thought I would, and when I reduced it, it was the exact number I had originally come up with. And I made the price adjustment right away, within two weeks, which I think is really important. If you want to test the waters, test the waters, but don’t wait too long. You (or your agent) will know right away if an adjustment needs to be made, so it should be made quickly.

Q: How do you think this experience will help you with clients moving forward?

Since the experience is so fresh, I have a much better grasp of what our clients are going through. I know what questions they have and what concerns they have… I understand that it can be frustrating and stressful too.   This helps me better set expectations and also prepare them for the next steps, and just better empathize with their experience, since I just had this experience too.

Q: After going through all of this, how long before you sell/buy a home again?

I love getting my new house ready and making changes, it’s been fun – I don’t think I’d wait as long, definitely not 15 years.  As I look back, even though it was really stressful, it’s a really exciting change!

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